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Partners Brand Seed has the following seed corn and soybean distributors in Ohio:

A & G Ag, Bringing Your Crops To Life

A & E Ag
720 E Washington St.
St. Louis, MI 48880
(989) 681-3080
Email: cengle@aandeag.com
Web: AandEAg.com

Partners Brand Authorized Distributor

Indiana Ohio Agri-Service
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 381
Van Wert, OH 45891
Shipping Address:
7708 Hoaglin Center Rd.
Van Wert, Ohio 45891
(419) 232-4627
Email: markm916@yahoo.com

J&J Feeds and Needs, Shippenville, PA

J & J Feeds
19821 Paint Blvd.
Shippenville, PA 16254
(814) 226-6066
Email: joshlesniak@yahoo.com
Web: JandJFeedsAndNeeds.com

NW Ag Farm Services

NW Ag Farm Services
5950 Township Road 117
McComb, OH 45858
(419) 672-8739
Web: NWAgFarmServices.com
Email: lnewcomernwag@gmail.com

Partners Brand Authorized Distributor

John Jones
35305 Jones Rd.
Freeport, OH 43973
(740) 491-0909

Partners Brand Authorized Distributor

Mike Buchs
Northern Ohio Ag LLC

Wellinton, OH
(440) 213-5338
Email: mike@partnersbrandseed.com