Buck Head Wildlife High Oil Seed Corn

buck head wildlife

High Oil Corn compared to Common Corn:

  • 3x More Oil (fat)
  • 10-12% Higher Protein
  • 225% More Calories per lb.
  • More Phosphorus, Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium per Ear
  • Plant Time: April — June

This makes the deer go crazy!

For best results, please consider
using a hot wire around your
plot during growing season.

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Hybrid Plants (approx.)
HOC GT 500 Kernels 800 sq ft
HOC GT 500 Kernels Case (12 packets) 800 sq ft each
HOC Conv 20K 3/4 acre
HOC Conv Blend 1 acre
HOC GT 20K 3/4 acre
HOC GT Blend 1 acre

#1 deer attractant in all of our food plots! There’s not much I haven’t seen in the whitetail world, but this [high oil corn] is truly a GAME-CHANGER!

Tony LaPrattTony LaPratt, Coldwater, Michigan, Ultimate Land Management & Whitetail Boot Camps, LLC