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When I first heard of Partners Brand corn I thought to myself, “Who is this little company and how can they compete with any of the bigger seed companies?” Well low and behold, Partners Brand corn has not only caught the attention of area farmers but it has caught the eye of area agronomists and other seed salesman in the area. I have people asking and eager to try the corn on their own farms. It’s an exciting thing for me as a distributor to tell the story of Partners Brand and how it’s simply great seed, great yields!
Matthew Krueger, MCK Ag, LLC
Three years ago when we started to grow corn, we were approached by John Larimer about Partners Brand Seed. At that time, Partners Brand was new to our area so only had an 85-day corn brand to offer which is at the high end for our maturity, and it was a conventional brand. We tried it anyway. Not only did that brand make it to maturity, but it was our highest yielding corn on the farm. The following year we raised 1/2 Partners Brand corn and 1/2 competitor corn. Again, Partners Brand was the highest yielding. Since then, Partners Brand corn has become the preferred seed corn choice on our farm. Partners Brand listens to what we, the growers, want. They are interested in what makes the farmer the most money.
Partners Brand corn is the best looking corn out there and out-yielding the competitors year after year. It may be a small company but their seed has a huge impact on my growers’ bottom lines.
Dustin Smith, Dealer