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Partners Brand corn is the best looking corn out there and out-yielding the competitors year after year. It may be a small company but their seed has a huge impact on my growers’ bottom lines.
Dustin Smith, Dealer

I PLANT ALL Conventional Non-GMO corn for a special MARKET PREMIUM. I plant PARTNERS BRAND corn because they give me MORE HYBRID OPTIONS than any other seed company in the industry. PB 7672 and PB 7962 were two of my TOP HYBRIDS LAST YEAR. I am planting more FOR THIS YEAR.

Ryan Schafer, Bremen Indiana

I have added a couple more products this year and my corn looks really good. I REALLY LIKE THE OVERALL PERFORMANCE OF PARTNERS BRAND PRODUCTS AND REALLY LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT GENERATION OF PRODUCTS. Good company to do business with and quality is top of the line. I have some of the toughest rolling ground in SW Michigan, but I CONTINUE TO GET TOP YIELDS from Partners Brand PB8132GT and PB8232GT.

Lyle Springsteen, Dowagiac Michigan

I have been planting Partners Brand Waxy Corn (PB8146WX) for the past three years. These hybrids work REALLY WELL ON MY GROUND AND STANDABILITY IS POSITIVE. Plus, the ADDITIONAL PREMIUM really helps with PROFITABILITY. I appreciate Partners coming out with new Waxy Hybrids (PB8118WX and PB8203WX) almost every year. I am looking for that CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE again this year.

Andrew Pick, Knox Indiana

I have been planting SEVERAL PARTNERS BRAND HYBRIDS, including 7472GT, 7672GT and 7714GT, for the past four years. THEY WORK REALLY WELL on my tough soils and adjust to a variety of planting dates. Also, Partners Brand soybeans fit an IMPORTANT PART OF MY ROTATION with PB3017GT and PB3116GT as the lead products. Pricing continues to be important and Partners Brand is LOWER THAN MOST SEED COMPANIES IN THE INDUSTRY.

Lyle Samuelson, Plymouth Indiana