See what our customers have to say!

Last year we had a very short, very wet season. While everyone else had problems with corn, Partners Brand’s seed did extremely well in the adverse conditions. It actually dried down, had a better test weight, and yielded higher than any of the competitors.

Tamara Edwards, Next To Mom’s Feeds; Ionia, MI

Most guys want digestibility, not just of the grain but of the stalk too, and yield second. PB7672 GT is a great option for customers looking at silage options.

Bob Eash, Best Forage LLC; Hudson, IN

We had great luck with PB8630 HRC [high row count] corn in Deerfield, MO. Thanks for all of the support!

S & Z Farms; Deerfield, MO

Many people ask if there is any yield drag in Enlist soybeans versus the RoundUp Ready 2 Xtend. In the 2 years we’ve raised Enlist soybeans, there has been absolutely NO yield drag in test trials or in production. PB3720 E3, for example, is equal to or even a little better than PB3718 RR2X.

Gary Langdon, Langdon Bros. Seed; Hartford City, IN

I was spraying Enlist soybeans, and when I left that field, I felt like I killed all the weeds! There is so much better weed control compared to the typical GT soybean field.

Matt Langdon, Langdon Bros. Seed; Hartford City, IN

PB3720 E3 looks excellent! We planted it on April 25, and by June 3 it was already 3.5 inches tall.

Jeff Fowler, Fowler Farms; Mount Vernon, OH

The only thing better than Partners Brand Seed has been their support. We are proud to be part of the Partners Brand Seed organization. They genuinely care about the people that they work with and the customers planting their product.

Gib & Jane Fugate, Partner Ag Products; West Lafayette, IN

We have had great grain quality and yields out of our Partners Brand non-GMO hybrids.

Richard Smith and Son; Island, KY

PB7714 VIP3111 I like really well! We compared it to the conventional version in a test plot and it came in at 42 bushel/acre more with the Viptera trait; and that was on second year corn!

Jeff Fowler, Fowler Farms; Mount Vernon, OH

We have been very pleased with the yields of our Enlist Soybeans and like the flexibility of the Enlist Duo chemical program. This gives us a much safer product with a broader window to apply, while doing a great job controlling resistant weeds such as water hemp and marestail. We feel the Enlist soybean is a flexible product that would fit into many farming practices and would highly recommend it.

Blann Farms, Inc.; Oaktown, IN

I’ve been using Partners Brand for several years. The product is very consistent and I continue to use more and more Partners Brand seed on my farm.

Louis Bangel; Winamac, IN

We are planting 100% Partners Brand on our farm because we appreciate the value of their products and the service of our distributor, AJ Johnson.

Lyle Samuelson, Samuelson and Sons; Plymouth, IN

We would like to say that Partners Brand has been a great company to work with. We have been very happy with all of the Partners Brand products we have planted on our farm. With good quality seed and good yields we look forward to planting more of their products in the future and promoting the Partners Brand name to other area farmers.

Shaker Prairie Seeds, LLC; Oaktown, IN

We plant PB8333 conventional early. We can get 200-210 bushels/acre on 170 bushel ground with a lot of slope!

Jeff Fowler, Fowler Farms; Mount Vernon, OH

Jane and I are approaching our third season with Partners Brand Seed and we have been able to do business in 8 states. All of our customers have been very happy with our results and we have been able to expand our business each year through referrals.

Gib Fugate, Partner Ag Products; West Lafayette, IN

Partners Brand has an extremely good early day lineup. Their pricing is also much more competitive compared to large retail seed companies.

Bill Allison; Walkerton, IN

It’s good to work with another Independent Family Owned business like Partners Brand. Partners Brand has good products, good people and they are responsive to our needs and concerns here at Rice Agri-Marketing.

Jeff Rice, Rice Agri-Marketing; Livermore, KY

I’ve been selling seed for 35+ years, and Partners Brand products are first class, in both corn and soybeans. Demand is extremely high for Partners Brand seed in many areas of the country. The company is extremely easy to work with and provides a very competitive marketing program for EVERYONE to be successful.

AJ Johnson, Johnson Seed Sales; LaPorte, IN