CL 860 116 Days

//CL 860 116 Days
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CL 860

116 Day Maturity

  • Versatile full-season hybrid
  • Robust with very good plant health
  • Responds well to medium populations

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Spec Sheet for CL 860 (PDF)

CL 860 Video
Maturity Zones7,8
Best Soil TypeMedium
Population Range28-32
Corn on CornVery Good
No Till UsageGood
Irrigation RatingVery Good
Sand RatingGood
Clay RatingVery Good
Loam RatingVery Good
Peat RatingVery Good
Seeding VigorVery Good
Stalk RatingVery Good
Root RatingVery Good
Plant HeightTall
Stay GreenExcellent
Heat ToleranceVery Good
Drought ToleranceVery Good
Disease RatingVery Good
Ear & Grain
Ear FlexFlex
Kernel Row Range16-18
50% Silking1425
Black Layer2800
Ear HeightMedium-High
Test WeightVery Good
Dry DownAverage