Partners Brand 5858

88 Day Maturity

  • Excellent agronomics and consistent high yields
  • Wide area of adaptability
  • Shows very nice plant health and late-season intactness

Available Technologies:


Agrisure 3120 herculex I

Spec Sheet for PB 5858 (PDF)

PB 5858 Video
Maturity Zones2,3
Best Soil TypeAny
Population Range28-34
Corn on CornVery Good
No Till UsageVery Good
Irrigation RatingVery Good
Sand RatingExcellent
Clay RatingExcellent
Loam RatingExcellent
Peat RatingExcellent
Seeding VigorExcellent
Stalk RatingExcellent
Root RatingVery Good
Plant HeightMedium-Tall
Stay GreenExcellent
Heat ToleranceVery Good
Drought ToleranceVery Good
Disease RatingVery Good
Ear & Grain
Ear FlexSemi-Fixed
Kernel Row Range14-16
50% Silking1220
Black Layer2280
Ear HeightMedium
YieldVery Good
Test WeightAverage
Dry DownFast