Partners Brand 7433

104 Day Maturity

  • Good ear flex
  • Takes stress and less productive soils
  • Strong stalks and excellent test weight

Available Technologies:

Spec Sheet for PB 7433 (PDF)

PB 7433 Video
Maturity Zones 4,5,6
Best Soil Type Any
Population Range 28-36
Corn on Corn Good
No Till Usage Good
Irrigation Rating Good
Sand Rating Excellent
Clay Rating Excellent
Loam Rating Excellent
Peat Rating Good
Seeding Vigor Very Good
Stalk Rating Excellent
Root Rating Very Good
Plant Height Medium
Stay Green Very Good
Heat Tolerance Very Good
Drought Tolerance Very Good
Disease Rating Very Good
Ear & Grain
Ear Flex Semi-Flex
Kernel Row Range 18-22
50% Silking 1240
Black Layer 2580
Ear Height Medium
Yield Excellent
Test Weight Excellent
Dry Down Average