Partners Brand 7552

105 Day Maturity

  • Strong response to irrigation
  • Responds to higher management
  • Avoid poorly drained soils

Available Technologies:

Spec Sheet for PB 7552 (PDF)

PB 7552 Video
Maturity Zones4,5,6,7
Best Soil TypeMedium-Better
Population Range28-36
Corn on Cornwith Fungicide
No Till UsageVery Good
Irrigation RatingExcellent
Sand RatingVery Good
Clay RatingGood
Loam RatingExcellent
Peat RatingExcellent
Seeding VigorExcellent
Stalk RatingGood
Root RatingAverage
Plant HeightTall
Stay GreenAverage
Heat ToleranceVery Good
Drought ToleranceGood
Disease RatingVery Good
Ear & Grain
Ear FlexSemi-Flex
Kernel Row Range16-18
50% Silking1240
Black Layer2400
Ear HeightMedium-High
Test WeightExcellent
Dry DownAverage