Partners Brand 7714

107 Day Maturity

  • Great roots, great stands
  • Good flex and healthy
  • Consistent on any soils

Available Technologies:

Agrisure Viptera 3111 Liberty Link

Spec Sheet for PB 7714 (PDF)

PB 7714 Video
Maturity Zones 5,6
Best Soil Type Any
Population Range 30-36
Corn on Corn Good
No Till Usage Good
Irrigation Rating Very Good
Sand Rating Good
Clay Rating Very Good
Loam Rating Very Good
Peat Rating Fair

PB7714 VIP3111 I like really well! We compared it to the conventional version in a test plot and it came in at 42 bushel/acre more with the Viptera trait; and that was on second year corn!

Jeff Fowler, Fowler Farms; Mount Vernon, OH
Seeding Vigor Very Good
Stalk Rating Very Good
Root Rating Very Good
Plant Height Medium-Tall
Stay Green Very Good
Heat Tolerance Very Good
Drought Tolerance Very Good
Disease Rating Very Good
Ear & Grain
Ear Flex Semi-Flex
Kernel Row Range 16-18
50% Silking 1450
Black Layer 2540
Ear Height Medium
Yield Excellent
Test Weight Good
Dry Down Average