Partners Brand Soybeans

Grow More, Grow Better

Growing is easier with a partner. Knowing which variety of soybean works best for you is definitely a “local” decision and we know it. We test and grow soybeans in your area for your soils. Talk to your local Partners Brand seedsman today about which ones are best for you.  From conventional to traited, we have options. To learn more call (877) 790-0016 and we’ll help you make more per acre.  Grow more with Partners Brand Seed.

Partners Brand Soybeans © Keith James
Partners Brand Soybean Trait Key

What Customers Are Saying About Partners Brand Seed

Wow, I am really impressed with the Partners Brand performance. It took me a few years of waqtching before I placed my first PB soybean seed order. Now I recommend them almost everywhere. I have always believed in their corn.

– Bruce, a long-time Partners Brand Distributor in the midwest.

We chose to work with Partners Brand because of a few key factors. We liked the fact that they are a family-owned farm operation. They offer quality genetics, trait selection, and are willing to bring out the newest and best products to the market, all at a fair price. One of our main goals is to improve the bottom line for our customers, and we are accomplishing that with Partners Brand seed.

– Austen, owner of Aztech Ag

Partners Brand seed has continued to impress our farming operation each year it is planted on our farm. From the fair price, the great customer service, the number of hybrid and variety selection, and most importantly, the yields we achieve. That is why Partners Brand Seed is our preferred seed choice.

– Matthew Krueger, Operations Manager of K & D Krueger Farms & Sons