Partners Brand 2061 RR2Y

2.0 RM


Spec Sheet for PB 2061 RR2Y (PDF)

  • Attractive look with stand
  • Great getting up and out
  • Good disease package

Partners Brand Seed

PB 2061 Video
Plant Type Medium-Bushy
Plant Height 37
Emergence 1.0
Lodging Score 1.5
Shattering Score 1.2
Flower Color Purple
Pubescence Color Lt Tawny
Pod Wall Color Tan
Hilum Color Brown
Stress Tolerance Very Good
Iron Deficiency Chlorosis 1.8
Brown Stem Rot 1.8
Sclerotinia White Mold 1.8
Sudden Death Syndrome 1.8
Soybean Cyst Nematode 1.4
Stem Canker NA
Charcoal Rot NA
Frog Eye Leaf Spot NA
Phytophthora Gene Rc(Rps1c)
 PRR Field Tolerance 1.8
 Resistance R3
 Moderate Resistance MR14