Partners Brand 3519 GT/LL

3.5 RM

Spec Sheet for PB 3519 GT/LL (PDF)

  • New era in weed management
  • Excellent eastern performance
  • Great appearance with lateral branching
  • Versatile management that YIELDS!

Partners Brand Seed

Plant Type Bushy
Plant Height 35
Emergence 1.2
Lodging Score 2.2
Shattering Score NA
Flower Color Purple
Pubescence Color Lt Tawny
Pod Wall Color Brown
Hilum Color Black
Disease Resistance
Stress ToleranceVery Good
Iron Deficiency ChlorosisNA
Brown Stem Rot1.5
Sclerotinia White MoldNA
Sudden Death SyndromeNA
Soybean Cyst Nematode1.5
Stem Canker NA
Charcoal Rot NA
Frog Eye Leaf Spot NA
 PRR Field ToleranceNA
 Moderate ResistanceNA