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We invite you to partner up with us and see how we can add to your bottom line:

Our seed corn is produced under irrigation in Howe, Indiana by Lord’s Seed—one of the largest, well respected wholesale seed producers in the world.

As an independent seed company, we offer you choices. We have licenses from many different genetic suppliers including all the majors. As an independent seed company, we can pick and choose the best from each program and offer you cutting edge genetics and traits—including a number of cross source hybrids. This is a hybrid with parents from two different breeding programs. This genetic diversity keeps our customers from planting a dangerously narrow band of genetic material.

We offer traits, but don’t push them where they don’t make economic sense for the customer. Too often we witness companies pushing traits where it does not make economic sense for the customer. Our core values of integrity and honesty prevents us from promoting products that harm our customers to enhance our bottom line. We want to help you add to your bottom line.

We also believe in fair pricing. We don’t have to impress Wall Street. We only need to impress our customers. We keep it simple by offering great seed products and not playing complicated marketing games.

If you are looking for diverse choices, we offer:

  • a large selection of conventional corn hybrids
  • a big selection of traited corn hybrids
  • several waxy hybrids
  • several high oil hybrids
  • a good selection of economically priced classic hybrids
  • unique High Row Count Hybrids (HRC)
Partners Brand Seed Employees

The Partners Brand Team from left to right: Mike, Aaron, Kayla, John, Sherrie, Brenda, Brad, and Karen.

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