Farmers evaluating a soybean field.Partners Brand Seed is a family farm that has selected and grown quality seed corn and soybeans for over 30 years. Over the past year we produced roughly 2% of all the seed corn grown in the United States. We take great care and pride in what we do, just like you on your farm. We research the latest selection processes, the newest nutritional developments, while utilizing our new drying facilities and other techniques to ensure we bring the best corn, and now soybean seed, to your farm, all while trying do so at the fairest price possible.

We started with just 200 acres, and now our seed corn farming operations involves over 15,000 acres of seed corn production.  One doesn’t enjoy growth such as this without innovation in production techniques, in seed and plant nutrition, in research focused on inbred selection coupled with research on the hybrids those inbreds create, which allows us to bring you hybrids no one else has, utilizing proprietary germplasm. We are also researching new high oil products which has renewed interest and great benefits if you have chickens, cows, hogs, or cattle, or may have a market if you are close to an ethanol plant. These are exciting times in seed production.

That excitement carries over to the day-to-day operations where family has a hand in overseeing all parts of the process, bringing both expertise and also a love of agriculture which is contagious. Many involved have their own agriculture backgrounds which brings a wealth of knowledge complementing what we are trying to accomplish…

Simply…  Great seed.  Great yields!

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